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We believe in consistency as practice makes perfect

Dynamis Learning Academy is a teacher-owned and operated business that understands the value of a good education. The tutoring programs are customized to meet the needs of the student, whether it be to enrich a student’s skills or work on much-needed ones. This approach allows the student’s sessions to be maximized with the best possible long-term results. We believe in consistency as practice makes perfect.

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Consistency is the Key to a Good Tutorial Program

  • Tutors meet virtually or in person at your home or library
  • Flexible scheduling to meet the student’s needs
  • Package discount for multiple sessions
  • Certified teachers and/or experienced tutors
  • Reading & math specialists on staff
  • Enhancement/Growth & Remedial/Interventions
  • Strategies utilized for optimal benefits
  • Online resources available
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Gifted tutoring available to assist kids who are eligible to test
  • Testing strategies and skills
  • Writing skills

6 reasons/signs your child needs a tutor:

  1. Decreased grades
  2. Inefficient time management skills
  3. Consistent confusion about key concepts
  4. Reduced confidence
  5. Increased gaps in subject matter
  6. Apparent learning disabilities

Does your child exhibit any of the above signs?

Contact us at 770-282-9931 or click HERE for a free consultation to discuss what you are experiencing with your child’s academics.  

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Here, at Dynamis Learning Academy, we love our students, parents and tutors! We love our students because we know we are helping them to succeed in their academics. We love our parents because they understand the importance of education and how it’s an important and integral part of their child’s future success. We love our tutors because they provide the wealth of knowledge needed by our students. Thus, anyone can refer students to Dynamis Learning Academy (i.e., parent, student or tutor).

Any NEW referred student at Dynamis Learning Academy would be eligible for a free one hour tutoring service (per child). Please keep in mind this is a one-time occurrence. If you are not a parent or a student, you may receive a gift card from us for a student referral. Again it would be a one-time offer.

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