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The parent of an 11th grader contacted us because her daughter couldn’t finish the ACT in the time allotted. After working with the student, we found out that she needed a 504 Plan that included giving her extended time. Not only did we advocate for her, but we taught the student how to advocate for herself at school. Click on the video below to find out how we helped her raise her ACT score and get her into the school of her choice.

Dynamis Learning is a K-12 tutoring company that assists students online nationwide or in person/virtual in the metro Atlanta area. Our services include tutoring all grade levels & subjects, SAT/ACT Prep, Advocacy/Support for Families, College Applications & Essay Writing, Interview Prep, and Academic Course Selection/Planning for middle to high school years.

Whether it’s creating confidence in kids through teaching self-advocacy skills, helping students improve their grades using test-taking strategies, or preparing kids for the gifted program, Dynamis Learning is a full-spectrum of support and resource for parents and their children.

As you watch these testimonials, you will hear about the impact that Dynamis Learning is having on the lives of many students among the nation.  Contact us at 770-282-9931 or to set the path for your child to be successful in school and in life.

Have you ever thought about planning your child’s academic courses from as early as 5th grade?  An academic plan is important as it focuses on a child’s interests, skills, and abilities early on.  The key is to create a 4-year plan that will set your child up for success moving forward. Click on the video below to find out how we helped a student develop a personalized four-year plan early on in their academic life.

In addition to their parents, teens need to hear from educational professionals when it comes to giving advice on how to navigate their middle and high school experiences. Click on the video below to hear how Dynamis Learning helped a student-athlete improve her grades in a short period of time and master the foundational math skills needed to be successful.

When kids are learning to read, sometimes they can get overwhelmed.  It might be that they need some strategies to build their confidenceClick on the video below to find out how we assisted a young student who struggled with reading to eventually win a reading award at school.  

Creating confidence through self-advocacy skills is key for students of all ages, and it is a skill that will help them be successful in all areas of life. Click on the video below to find out how we helped a student learn the skills needed to be proactive and excel in college.

If your child is interested in getting into a gifted program in Georgia, it’s best to develop a plan and prep them using test-taking strategies.  Click on the video below to find out how we helped a student prepare for testing and what it took to get into the gifted program.

When students are struggling with their coursework, it’s best to get tutoring help as soon as possible so that the student doesn’t get behind. Click on the video below to find out how we helped a student who struggled with ADHD improve his grades.

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