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Writing is a valuable skill to have in school and for future use in life.
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  • Your child struggles to keep up with homework due to all the extracurricular activities.
  • Your child just needs some extra support in understanding certain subjects.
  • You’ve tried to help your child with his or her homework, but your child gets frustrated, you get frustrated, and the whole thing just ends in one big frustrating mess.
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Get your FREE copy of The Efficient Student Guide to learn the 15 strategies to help your child manage their work better!

(You’ll also be signed up to receive future tips and helpful resources.)

Parent Testimonials

Thank you to Erica for helping my daughter end a rough year of Physics with an A! Erica provided tools and resources to supplement what the teacher provided, and moral support to help her be confident that she would be successful.

– Paige S, Parent of 12th grader

Having Erica as my tutor helped me reach my desired grade in my Physics class! She gave me great resources and talked me through tough problems and concepts. I definitely recommend as a helpful extension to in-school learning!

– Rachael S., 12th grader

Great, consistent support. The tutor aligned the sessions with my sons’ class syllabus, assignments and exams. The sessions were individualized for his needs. I highly recommend Dynamis Learning!!

– Carrie P., Parent of 9th grader

My 8th-grade daughter has been tutored by a Dynamis Learning tutor who has worked on reading and writing with her for 4 months. Her MAP scores have shown gains of 19 points in Reading, and she is in the 99th percentile for growth from Fall 2023 to Winter 2024 in multiple subjects! In addition, she was prepped for the California High School Placement Test and was more than ready as the tutor focused on analogies, a concept very difficult for kids to grasp. We believe this intensive and consistent tutoring has definitely paid off for our daughter. I highly recommend Helen and Dynamis Learning. It’s been the key to my 8th grader’s success.

– Ekua W., PROUD parent of 8th grader

My 2nd grader has been working with a reading specialist for Dynamis Learning for 7 months now. She has focused on improving his reading, phonics, and comprehension. After taking the 95 Phonics Assessment, he showed tremendous growth by scoring a 97% which equates to 48 out of 49 points. This test provides insight into a student’s ability to read single and multisyllabic words with specific phonic patterns, while mapping each student’s skill level to the phonics continuum. We are very happy with Christi and how she has been able to help him with reading. Helen, the company’s owner, has also been very helpful in guiding us on various programs as she is very knowledgeable at using test data to determine if our child can be tested for the gifted program. Highly recommend this company

-Kara B, parent of 2nd Grader

I have had such a wonderful experience with my daughter’s Math Tutor (Nicole) and the staff (Helen) Owner at Dynamis Learning. It has been so much more than just a tutor session. Great extra practice sheets, giving advice on how to handle test taking strategies. Thank you to everyone for helping my daughter get better grades!!

– Janna S., parent of 8th Grader

Highly recommend Dynamis Learning. Erica has helped my daughter turn things around after a very rough start in Physics. She has provided great resources to supplement what she’s getting at school, and the focused one on one discussions have really helped increase her confidence and her grades. Helen is 100% engaged to make sure things are on track.

– Paige S., Parent of 12th grader

Helen immediately did a couple of in person assessments and assigned our kid subject specific tutors where he was struggling. The tutors are both virtual but very engaging and very convenient. They are clearly educators that know the material and expectations well. I send homework and test reviews and they keep all the tutoring geared towards the current material. Helen also has been put in touch directly with the teachers which has made communication much easier. She is super hands on. Communication and scheduling couldn’t be easier. My kid’s grades and confidence are already improved. Thank you!

– Elizabeth C.

After taking the SSAT Bootcamp, our daughter did well on the SSAT. She doubled her score in math which was our main goal. She increased her math scores from 33 to 66th percentile. In verbal and reading comprehension she also scored higher, both at 78th percentile. We are thankful to Helen Panos and Ira Danzig for the helpful bootcamp and their support beyond.

– Sopio C., parent of 8th grader

Eric was a lively tutor who was always descriptive when teaching. He was easily flexible when teaching at the speed I needed and I never felt any judgement when asking questions. I would recommend Eric to anyone who needs tutoring for standardized tests such as SAT/ACT.

– Emmalia D.

Ira is a fantastic tutor. He did a thorough job evaluating our high school daughter. He confidently honed in on the areas she needed extra help in. He built trust early on. I highly recommend him for SAT/ACT Prep.

– Kiersten G.

Over the past 6 months, I have worked with Ira on SAT and ACT preparation. Ira is a fantastic tutor. He helped me with trigonometry. I had never taken trigonometry before, and he showed me everything that relates to the subject for the SAT, ACT, and all of high school math. My scores have skyrocketed, especially in the math sections, and the science on ACT. My math score on SAT has gone from a 610 to a 670, my math on ACT has gone from a 25 to a 28, and my science on ACT has gone from a 29 to a 32. He has also given me excellent test-taking advice and tips on how to do well. The best tip he gave me was to read regularly and especially when the test was near. We also do practice tests together, and he told me that he retakes the SAT and ACT every year to make sure his students have the most up-to-date preparation. Doing all of these practice tests together, teaching me all of this math I hadn’t learned yet, and just giving me great test-taking advice made him a phenomenal tutor, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with him, and I wish I had him as a teacher.

– Christina B.

Taylor really enjoyed Erica as her chemistry tutor. She was prompt and very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Taylor’s grade went up significantly due to her help. She was not only an amazing tutor, but a great advocate for Taylor.

– Shawn M.

Both my boys have been tutored and I have enjoyed the professionalism, feedback, and care my boys have received through Dynamis Learning. The tutors have been flexible on days the boys had school activities pop up. Personally, I know they are getting the best help! My boys can’t agree more in that they feel their tutors understand them better than their own teachers do. They also describe their tutors as patient and caring which is important to me as a parent. Thank you Dynamis Learning for all you do!

– Danae W., parent of 10th/12th graders

Helen and her team of incredible educators are the very best. They are not only extremely smart but they have a wonderful way with teens and teaching them in a way that works for each of their particular needs. No cookie cutter tutoring here, they’re very individualized for each student. I highly recommend Dynamis Learning Academy!

– Aurea M.

Our family thought the Study Skills Webinar was very good and especially appreciated the study scheduling content in the webinar. I think it is beneficial to have a non-parental advisor to share ideas/tools & provide accountability for students.

– Tammy L., 10th grade parent

My 8th grader needed to hear from experts that studying is separate from completing homework and needs to be done in each subject, even when there is no homework. The tips on different methods of studying and the sample homework/study schedule were very helpful.

– Brooke M., parent

Thank you to the owner, Helen Panos, for speaking with me about my 4th grade nephew and his academics. She is absolutely an amazing human! Her expertise and the passion she has for educating kids are undeniable. Just WOW!

– Temieka S.

So happy we hired Dynamis Learning Academy to help our 10th grader in Advanced Chemistry! After only 5 tutoring sessions, we just got his most recent test grade back and he got a 94!!

The tutor has been nothing short of fantastic in connecting with my child in a style that has resulted in a more confident and positive learning experience.

I will definitely be extending his sessions with the tutor! I’ve even given your information to a couple of my friends who are looking for reliable and excellent tutors. Thanks for everything!

– Tammy B. ~ Parent

We had an amazing experience with Dynamis Learning Academy. Early on in the process the owner (Helen) helped us find the best tutor fit for our daughter. Our tutor Ira was excellent and she was well prepared for the college standardized tests. We highly recommend this company!

– Marlene D.

We have had a wonderful experience using Helen, and continue to do so! She and her company will go above and beyond to help you with your needs. We highly recommend.

– Sophie A.

Tutoring has helped me a lot with reading, math and grammar. I have really improved this school year and am getting A’s and B’s in 5th grade. I am really proud of that! Without this tutoring, I would not be where I am today. Ms. Mary has helped me with reading for several weeks and her tutoring has helped me understand more words. I feel like my reading is much better already! Math has always been my favorite subject, but with Ms. Helen tutoring me and showing me new strategies, it’s now the easiest subject of all!

– Lisa A., 5th grader

I am writing today to thank you for the difference you have made in both my children’s lives. One was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, but it wasn’t until she started tutoring with you and
your guidance on strategies that she really excelled and understood how to navigate school.

My other child who is a current senior was always a gifted student and had you as her teacher in middle school. In high school, she started lacking motivation. You were able to realize why she struggled and help her understand what was going on.

The math tutor you selected changed her from failing to excelling. Then came time for ACT Prep and we reached out again for your help….. well her scores jumped 6 points! Unheard of…..Words can’t express my gratitude for all you have done for my daughter over the last 6 years as an educator and now the owner of your own tutoring business. Simply amazing!!!

– Michele W.

We’re so happy to have found Bill through Dynamis Learning Academy! We have been extremely pleased with the help Bill has provided for William. In our son’s own words, “ Mr. Bill makes math so much fun”! I can already start to see William growing in his confidence and is developing a much better understanding of concepts. Bill is very loyal, accommodating, patient and explains things very well. He also shows William more than one way a problem could be solved. We would highly recommend Dynamis Learning Academy and Bill to anyone!!

– Sophie A., 9th grade parent

We were extremely pleased with the caliber of tutors that Dynamis Learning Academy provided our family.
Helen worked very closely with our girls to match them with the best tutor to accommodate their needs.
The tutors were knowledgeable in the subjects and took the time to work with them at their own pace. They communicated with me often and even made time on the weekends to add additional tutoring sessions when needed.
We personally appreciated the extra attention they gave to make sure our girls were understanding the material and prepared for upcoming tests & assignments. We highly recommend Dynamis and the team of excellent tutors.

– Dimitra M

I learned more about details, verb usage and some dialogue. The platform we used to write the creative writing piece was very easy to use.

– James A., 9th grader

2. I liked the online creative writing workshop because it helped me learn how to write better and make my story and sentences more detailed.

– Will A., 9th grader

3. I learned how to write better solid paragraphs by adding dialogue. I also learned more about grammar and how to punctuate dialogue.

– George A., 7th grader

We used Dynamis Learning Academy for tutoring for our daughter Vivian in 4th grade. It’s been great to help our daughter better understand content and feel confident in her knowledge of math. Helen is easy to work with and she has been very accommodating to our needs, pivoting between online and in person tutoring, by two excellent tutors, to achieve the best outcome for our daughter. We will continue work with tutors from Dynamis Learning.

– M. Einck

My 3rd grader enjoys working with Mr. Frank, a Dynamis Learning Academy tutor. We hired DLA to help our child with writing skills.
In a month’s time, my child seems more motivated when doing school writing assignments than ever before. Thank you Dynamis and Mr. Frank.

– Justin P.

If you believe in the value of education, and you are doing your best with virtual learning to support your at-home student, or maybe they are in school but fall to the challenges of meeting academic expectations and peer pressure. There is support you can count on, Dynamis Learning Academy is an answer to higher grades, motivation and less stress on both the student and parent. Consider working with Helen Panos, I highly recommend her services. She is a top-rated educator with a heart of gold. Ms. Panos and her team have a passion for enabling children to reach their full potential by tutoring and providing skills that they will utilize well into adulthood and their chosen careers. Schedule a consultation, You won’t be disappointed!

– Sharon R.

My 9th grader was struggling in Geometry and insisted she did not need help. I brought in Helen and her team and my daughter’s grade went up 15 points in just three sessions.

– Stephanie G.

We were looking for an ACT prep course for my daughter. She hadn’t yet taken the ACT but I knew she would do better if she felt prepared. With everything being virtual now I wanted her to get individual attention. It is easy to get lost in a big Zoom class and not fully grasp the material. I called my friend Helen at Dynamis Learning Academy and she made it happen. She had a great tutor, Ira that worked with just my daughter and another student at the same time. This allowed him to focus on the areas where each of them specifically needed help. They started with a practice test to set the bar and then worked through problems and many practice sessions. It really paid off! My daughter ended up with a 24 on her first ACT. We could not be happier with the results. I would recommend Dynamis Learning Academy and the ACT prep course for anyone who wants to prepare for their first ACT or increase their score.

– Tracy T.

I cannot thank Helen enough for helping my son get ready for some high stakes tests he needed to take at a young age. She worked with him as he was going to be tested for the gifted program in his school. She was super qualified in her knowledge of the gifted testing materials and helped him understand testing strategies which would get him ready for a series of tests he needed to take in order to qualify for the gifted program. She was very thorough and took careful measures in helping my son grasp concepts that might be seen on the COGAT and TTCT tests. Helen made my son really think about how to decipher the answer to questions. I liked how she was straightforward and to the point in her teaching style. Thanks so much again Helen!

– Rebecca E.

One of Helen’s math tutors helped my son who is in 10th grade Geometry go from a grade of 67 to a 90 in 3 weeks. The tutor helped him understand he could get it, emphasized practice & doing homework for repetition! These were the key, and the tutor boosted his confidence. My son also listened to what the tutor was really saying. I have no doubt he would have failed without the tutoring service.

– Charlotte S.

My elementary boys have been working with a tutor from Dynamis Learning Academy for 2 months and pretty quickly it was apparent that the boys seem to work much better with someone who is *not* one of their parents! I think the parental relationship can (for some kids) interfere with teaching them or helping them with schoolwork. Frank was assigned to us by the owner of Dynamis, and he has been great! Simply having someone sit and guide them has been very reassuring. The virtual school is so overwhelming and complex at times, but my sons are really responding positively to having someone help them step through the assignments. In addition, we have noticed the boys are more relaxed, confident and happier. The overall family mood is much more positive, and we are enjoying our free time with each other.

– Lydia C.

Helen is wonderful and takes the time to listen to her clients concerns. Math is a very intimidating and difficult subject for me, but Helen listened to my concerns and was able to match me with the perfect tutor, Maritzha. Maritzha was extremely patient with me. She explained the material in different ways and always had tricks and shortcuts that made the material interesting and less overwhelming. I will definitely use them again and will recommend them both to my friends and neighbors.

– Irma Montana

My child has truly benefited by receiving tutoring services with Miss Angelle at Dynamis Learning Academy. She uses Google Classroom to help my child with different assignments in both reading and math. My child enjoys Miss Angelle’s style of teaching and humor where she blends a lovely balance of hands on work with extra practice online. Miss Angelle is dedicated to her students and it’s a great decision that we chose to get tutoring help at Dynamis Learning Academy.

– M Nikolov

We started with Ms. Angelle from Dynamis Learning Academy about 2 months ago and I’ve already seen a big improvement with my 8 year old son who was falling behind. She uncovered his learning style (visual and interactive play) and used her “toolbox” to teach him and importantly keep his attention. We started off focusing on reading/writing but have now included math. She has developed strategies that have given him the confidence to take on the hard stuff and not give up. In addition, my 10 year old has been learning writing strategies from her especially how to organize his thoughts that help him get past the first step of a writing project, which is usually the hardest. Ms. Angelle is our first tutor and was the perfect fit from the start. This was because Helen took the time to understand our needs, meet our boys and then place us with the right teacher. I would definitely recommend Dynamis Learning Academy.

– M Allum

This summer, I joined Dynamis Learning Academy as a tutor after Helen reached out to me about a family she thought my area of focus would benefit. Helen made it easy for both the family and myself to communicate and schedule time for our tutoring sessions. In just a few sessions, the student reported more confidence in his reading and history classes, and the parents said the teacher had noticed an improvement in how he was applying reading strategies.

I have seen the tireless work Helen puts into finding the right tutor for each child, no matter what specialty area the student needs. Helen is a great communicator and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she brings to Dynamis Learning Academy. She truly cares about both the families and the tutors which makes for strong relationships that let students reach their full potential during their tutoring sessions and beyond.

– K Arsenault

My son has been working with Ms. Blaske for the pass 2 years. He loves working with her! I’ve seen so much improvement over the years. She has taught him learning skills as well as responsibility. I love the comfort, convenient , and trustworthy learning environment Ms. Blaske at Dynamis Learning Academy provides for my son. I would recommend Ms. Blaske and Dynamis Learning Academy to any parent looking for a wonderful tutor. Ms. Blaske is truly amazing at what she does!!!!!! Angelle Blaske and Dynamis Learning Academy will always be a part of our family.

– L Parchment

Helen took the time, before starting to schedule a tutor, to ask about my high schooler’s learning style, experience with tutors in the past, and how we could measure his progress. She matched him with tutors who were easy to communicate with and responsive to my son’s strengths. I was very pleased with the results and my son showed improvement in his Algebra class and benefited from the SAT prep sessions.

– Beth J

This Spring, I needed a science tutor for the ACT, and we contacted Helen Panos with Dynamis Learning Academy. I tutored with Ben for four weeks as he taught me different strategies and methods to improve my score while cutting down my time. Going through countless practice tests and work books together helped me cut my time in half while still raising my score. I feel completely prepared to take the test in June thanks to the owner of Dynamis Learning Academy and my tutor Ben!!

– Zoe D.

Princeton started working with his tutor from Dynamis Learning Academy in the second semester of Kindergarten. Amanda is an engaging and insightful tutor with a world of patience. She was able to adapt to Princeton’s learning style according to his individual needs. She makes teaching fun with her interactive activities. Before working with Amanda, Princeton struggled with blending 3 letter sight words.

A couple weeks into his sessions I saw a significant improvement and he started reading complete sentences with confidence. I highly recommend Dynamis Learning Academy and Amanda to anyone looking for a tutor for their young child.

– Tashé A.

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