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We believe in consistency as practice makes perfect

Dynamis Learning Academy is a teacher-owned and operated business that understands the value of a good education and tutoring in Atlanta, Georgia. The tutoring programs are customized to meet the need of the student, whether it be to enrich a student’s skills or work on much-needed ones. This approach allows the student’s sessions to be maximized with the best possible long-term results. We believe in consistency as practice makes perfect.

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Consistency is the Key to a Good Tutorial Program

  • Tutor Meets in Convenient Location
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Program Discount
  • Certified Teachers
  • Reading Specialists on Staff
  • Enhancement/Growth
  • Strategies Utilized
  • Online Resources
  • One-on-One Tutoring Sessions
  • High-Level Math/Science Assistance

6 reasons/signs your child needs a tutor:

  1. Declining grades
  2. Lack of time management skills
  3. Repeatedly confused about key concepts
  4. Lacks confidence…
  5. Less supervision at home
  6. Learning disabilities

Does your child exhibit any of these?

DYNAMIS Learning Academy Achieving Your Potential

Dynamis Learning Academy’s

Online Writing Workshop
(2nd – 6th Graders Only)
Is Your Child Lacking Confidence in their Writing?
Writing is a valuable skill to have in school and for future use in life.

It cultivates confidence, communication and creativity.

More importantly, it promotes critical thinking skills needed in cross-curricular subjects.

Even standardized tests, such as the Georgia Milestones and other high stakes tests, want to see your child demonstrate his or her writing skill.

The most common way these tests challenge a student’s writing (among all grade levels) is through extended response questions, which means the student needs to be able to write a longer answer.

Unfortunately, many students go into these tests completely unprepared for these types of questions. The result is they often go off to college and even enter the workforce unable to craft extended, well-thought-out answers.)

So how can your student strengthen his or her writing skill?
An important strategy being used today helps young writers learn how to accurately answer extended response questions. It gives students a step-by-step process they can follow as they learn to answer these questions.

This strategy is also a stable foundation on which to further develop writing skills, which is why it is important to learn writing early on.

If your child is in elementary school, this strategy is something they should begin mastering by mid-third grade. Third grade is the first time students take high stakes tests, such as Georgia Milestones, and the reading comprehension portion of the test carries the most weight for pass/fail in that grade level.

Once your child has reached middle school, and especially high school, students are expected to have already mastered writing. What is important for middle and high school students and their parents to remember is that multi-sentence answers at these grade levels are expected to look more fluid and natural.

The benefits to helping your child improve writing skills with our Online Writing Workshop

This workshop is taught by a certified Language Arts teacher.  The writing workshop will help your child learn a strategy they will remember for life.

The course includes 2 online classes (each class is approximately 35-45 minutes long, and your child can attend from any computer with an internet connection)

  • Class #1: RACE Strategy – In this first session, your child will learn the step-by-step strategy to answer extended response questions.
  • Class #2: Skills Strengthening – In the second session, the instructor will show students how to improve upon their own work.

If you notice your child is lacking confidence in their writing and is having difficulties answering extended response questions, our online writing webinar class can help them master these skills.

Let’s talk to see which workshop might be the best fit for your child’s needs.


15 strategies to help your child manage schoolwork better

Is your child struggling to keep up with classes?
Do they forget about homework or struggle to get their work done on time?
Get your FREE copy of The Efficient Student Guide to learn the 15 strategies to help your child manage their work better!
(You’ll also be signed up to receive future tips and helpful resources.)

Get your FREE copy of The Efficient Student Guide to learn the 15 strategies to help your child manage their work better!

(You’ll also be signed up to receive future tips and helpful resources.)

SAT Prep Courses Atlanta

Become A High SAT Test Taker Now!


The SAT is an exam administered by The College Board to test college and career readiness. It is the primary source used to gain admission into college. In today’s world, there is a great deal of competition in getting into the best colleges and universities. It is important to master test taking strategies for a major test like the SAT. Benefits to the student include:

  • Less test anxiety
  • Stronger foundation of the material
  • Positive mindset before testing
  • Guidance/support
Dynamis Learning Academy is here to help your child “Reach Their Potential”. We believe strongly that the 4 P’s can help maximize the testing experience for a teenager; Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform. These are key to any successful program, especially one that can enhance the testing experience. Now is the time to learn from the best as practice yields success! The courses we are offering in the Atlanta area are:

  • Convenient (weekends, not after a long school day)
  • Mirror the actual testing environment which is paper/pencil (4 hours on consecutive Saturdays)
  • Small group instruction thus increasing the chances your child will grasp the techniques
  • Taught by very qualified tutors who have scored either perfect scores on the SAT or got very close
Why invest in a course?
To help your child be more prepared to tackle the problems and questions on the SAT. We empower them to learn the tricks of the test and how to successfully master them before entering a testing site.
When should you take the course?
By the summer prior to the 11th grader’s school year and at the latest, the summer of their 12th grade year (no later than the September test date). In addition, we encourage a 10th grader to make plans to take a course as well in their 2nd semester of the school year.

Let’s talk to see how to best support your child in his or her SAT Prep.

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