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The SAT and ACT are exams administered by The College Board to test college and career readiness. It is the primary source used to gain admission into college.

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Dynamis Learning will help your student prepare for the SAT and ACT exams.

Prepare your student for the ACT and SAT tests with ACT tutoring or SAT tutoring.

In today’s world, there is a great deal of competition in getting into the best colleges and universities. It is important to master test-taking strategies for a major test like the SAT and ACT.  


The benefits to the student include:

  • Obtains higher scores 
  • Gets into the colleges of choice 
  • Feels less stressed before the test
  • Promotes less test anxiety during the test
  • Encourages easier preparation
The 4 P’s help maximize the testing experience for a teenager:  Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform. 

What sets Dynamis Learning apart from other companies?

  • Small group tutoring – This is important as teens who work with the tutor in small groups get personalized attention in the same way as a 1 to 1 situation. 
  • Relationships – The tutor builds a relationship with students in a small group and it allows him to create custom plans for each student.

Unlike the large tutoring companies where they have hundreds of students attending each online class and only have a couple of assistants who answer questions in a chat box.

  • Individualized Prep is highly specialized – We work to meet the needs of the teen. Encouragement of questions is highly recommended in this scenario, and the tutor truly gets to know the child’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Tutors – Taught by very qualified tutors who have scored either perfect scores on the SAT or got very close
  • Convenient – We set a start and end date along with the frequency of the class per week.  The students are given flexibility to choose actual test prep dates/times with their tutor. 

The first step is to have a conversation with us – so that we can chat about your child’s specific needs.  The typical prep course involves 10 two-hour sessions.

To set up that conversation, reach out to Helen Panos or text 770-282-9931.

Online Test Prep Classes for SAT & ACT

Register today for the SAT & ACT virtual learning workshops.

ACT Test Prep Class – Virtual tutoring – 20-hour test prep course – Test/April 2

ACT Test Prep Class – Virtual tutoring – 20-hour test prep course – Test/June 11

ACT Test Prep Class – Virtual tutoring – 20-hour test prep course – Test/July 16

SAT Test Prep Class – Virtual tutoring – 20-hour test prep course – Test/March 12

SAT Test Prep Class – Virtual tutoring – 20-hour test prep course – Test/May 7

SAT Test Prep Class – Virtual tutoring – 20-hour test prep course – Test/June 4

Podcast: The 7 Benefits of being tutored for the SAT and ACT

SAT and ACT test prep podcast

The 7 Benefits of being tutored for the SAT & ACT

SAT & ACT Tutoring = More Choices for Students
On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:
  • The role of  SAT and ACT scores in college admission and financial aid applications
  • How tutoring gives students the edge they need when taking the SAT and ACT
  • What the drawbacks are of studying for the SAT and ACT on your own
  • The types of individualized support students receive when a tutor is brought on board
  • Key strategies that students lack when studying for the SAT and ACT on their own
  • The way that high SAT and ACT scores translate into more choices for teens

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