5 Essential Tips to Help Children Become More Productive

In this video, the founder of Dynamis Learning Academy shares with parents 5 essential tips to help their children become more productive. Below is the transcript from the video:

Hi. I’m Helen with Dynamis Learning Academy and I’m here to provide you with the five things that every parent should do to help their child be more productive in school.
#1 Teach them responsibility

So, the first thing is teaching them responsibility. Responsibility is very important at any age including even five-year-olds or kindergarten students because the earlier you teach them to be responsible and to know that their homework is important, then that will teach them a pattern as they get older and they will continue that and be productive. So teaching them responsibility is important because they have to understand that things are due, things have to get done in a certain time frame.
#2 Encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle

So, the second thing you can do is encourage your child to have a healthy lifestyle. That would include having a balanced diet, which a lot of children need to eat a very nutritional breakfast. That’s very important to start the day off that way. Try to reduce the amount of sugar and the content of their food, blue and red dyes are a nice thing to remove to help children be more productive. That way they can have brain power that will help them get through their studies and the long day at school.
#3 Get them to have plenty of rest

So, the third thing that you can do to help your child be more productive is to get them to have plenty of rest. I would say that for the young children, at least eight hours, maybe even nine hours would be very good. For middle school, high school students, at least minimum of seven to eight. I know they have a lot of work to do a lot of times and they have extracurricular activities, but the sleep is very important and helps them with their brainpower.
#4 Schedule a time for their homework

The fourth thing that we can do as parents is to schedule a time and a place at home for them to do their homework. It’s best that they have– if they’re older, middle and high school level, it’s best that they have a desk in their room somewhere where they know that is a place where they need to go, sit down for a certain amount of time and get the homework done. If they’re younger children, then you may want them closer to you. So a breakfast room table or a little nook on the side of the kitchen where you can kind of keep an eye on them and help them with their homework would be very, very well-needed for them.
#5 Teach them to be organized

The fifth thing is organization. With little children, they may use spiral notebooks and things in folders with pockets. Older children and teenagers, they would need a three-ring binder. That’s the best type of organizational tool for them, to help them stay organized. So we will talk about that in a future segment. Organization is of the utmost importance. Children can only be productive if they are very well organized. If you like more information, please look below:

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