5 Helpful Tips to Manage Stress

Students today are being overburdened with lots of things to do personally and academically. In order to assist young children and teens with how to manage stress, families should speak to them first about how they manage their own stress as adults. Let the younger people know that this is a common thing that many people experience. The important thing is to know how to manage it properly. Below are 5 ways to manage student stress that are helpful:

Keep communication open – students should always keep the channels of communication open with their parents and teachers. They should know that they can always go to the adults for help or advice because of their wisdom and experience in dealing with daily stress. This is a type of mentorship that also builds safety in the classroom and helps the student feel like everyone is helping them to succeed.

Teach Time Management – Teaching children how to divide and conquer is important, so that all big tasks can be broken down. They need to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also help set goals with your child so they can see all assignments are manageable.

5 Minute Meditation – In the morning before your child leaves the house, set aside five minutes for him to do a private meditation or imagery. Teach deep breathing exercises and give them time to relax their body and mind. These five minutes should also be scheduled at the end of the day before going to sleep.

Organizing Notebook – Set time out with your child to organize their notebook. This would be done once a week or maybe twice a week if needed. Have the child also spend a little time cleaning out their desk at home along with their backpack. Restock supplies, refresh old notebooks and throw away anything that is old or does not have any importance.

Model How to Cope with Disappointment – As children get older, their assignments get harder as well. In the past, your child may have received all A’s; however, this may get more and more difficult in the future. Failure is the world’s greatest teacher. Parents should share how you can’t have success without failure. Talk about how to face disappointment head on and most importantly how not to let it hold you back from moving forward. Share how we all learn from our mistakes as that is the positive side to facing failure.

We, at Dynamis Learning Academy are mindful of the stresses students face every day. Our world is becoming more difficult and busy with lots of competition. We can help children face disappointments and boost self-esteem as we work with students to increase their grades and build up numerous other skills such as time management, organization and communication.