7 Top Myths Surrounding the SAT & ACT

SAT & ACT Prep = Well-Prepared Students

Narrative:  Helen Panos is the owner of Dynamis Learning Academy and an expert educator with over 25 years of experience.  She believes in the importance of helping children reach their potential and become well-rounded, intelligent citizens with a positive influence and impact on society.  Helen assists parents in accessing the best skills, strategies, tools, and resources to help their children be successful and ultimately excel in the world.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Does a high GPA translate into high SAT and ACT scores
  • If college admission counselors prefer one test over the other
  • How the tests teens take at school differ from SAT and ACT tests
  • The highest level of math students need when taking the SAT and ACT
  • The writing portion of the tests and whether it’s the tipping point for college admission
  • Do students who are not planning on going to college need to take the SAT or ACT

Helen Panos can be reached at helen@dynamislearningacademy.com or at 770-282-9931.  To schedule a free consultation and discover ways to help your child prepare for the SAT and ACT, contact Helen at 770-282-9931 or go to https://www.dynamislearningacademy.com/contact/.