Balancing the Light in the Brain

Join our owner, Helen Panos, as she continues our new season 6 podcasts by interviewing Dr. Jeri Lavigne about how important it is to balance the light in the brain.  Dr. Lavigne is founder of and  Listen as Helen and Dr. Lavigne discuss fascinating information on how light and the brain function and process.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The incredible journey Dr. Lavigne went on to get to where she is today
  • Why balance in the brain is so important
  • What the Irlen method is
  • How the Irlen method helps people who may have been misdiagnosed
  • How can the Irlen spectral filters help kids
  • How to take the self-test to find out if light is affecting how your brain processes
  • How the Irlen Syndrome is not about your eyes, but about your brain

For more information on Dr. Lavigne, visit her websites mentioned above.  You can also take the self-test mentioned above on her website.  Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  Finally, Dr. Lavigne is also offering a free evaluation and complimentary screening to listeners of this podcast.

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