Benefits of Resiliency and Community for Teens

Join our owner, Helen Panos, as she continues our new season 6 podcasts by interviewing Amy Saloner, a licensed clinical social worker and the co-founder of The Intentional Community, the Emerald Village in North County, San Diego.   Helen and Amy discuss the benefits of resiliency and community for teens.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Amy’s journey and how it got her to where she is today
  • What resiliency for teens really mean and how it teaches you who you really are
  • What the hourglass of responsibility means
  • If medication is the only answer for teen anxiety and depression
  • How the holistic approach might be the best approach when it comes to mental health
  • What the foundational needs of adolescents are – the four pillars.

To find out more about Amy, visit her website at, on Instagram at resilientfamily_resilientteen, or visit her on YouTube channel.  You may also become a member of her parent support group of resilient teens.  Find out more on her website.

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