Building Resilience in Your Kids

Jeff is the founder of Resilient Sons. He is the father of three boys and a well-known commentator in the world of American parenting. His most recent book is the 2nd edition of “Four Lessons from My Three Sons – How You Can Raise Resilient Kids,” in which he outlines his parenting techniques and the path of his sons through childhood and adolescence to the U.S. Naval Academy, Williams College, and West Point. The first edition was the subject of feature stories on National Public Radio and in dozens of parenting publications, including Parents Magazine, Fatherly, YoungTeen Magazine, The Good Men Project, Fatherhood, and LetGrow.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Examples from real life that show how kids develop various skills and interests.
  • Parenting strategies that use humor to relate to kids
  • The importance of behavior and attitudes in kids
  • Ideas that help kids feel safe and confident

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You can reach Jeff at He can also be found on social media through his Facebook – JeffNelliganBooks / Instagram – Nelligan_Books. His website is The website contains much of his work, previous media interviews and podcasts, and very hard-hitting blogs on his parenting approaches.

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