College Planning for Teens and The Ultimate Benefits of Using a Coach

Laurie Genevish is an educational consultant/speaker and owner of My Ideal College.  Laurie teaches teens and college students how to go from doubt to destiny as it relates to their future. Laurie has a passion for saving parents their time, money, and sanity in the process. She has used assessment technology successfully for many years to help coach and hire, develop and retain employees in jobs that they love.  Now she uses these skills to help teens/young adults plan for their future.

On this episode of Achieving Your Child’s Potential Podcast, you will hear:

  • The biggest mistakes parents make related to helping teens figure out life after high school
  • Some common challenges parents face with guiding their teens to choose a career path
  • An assessment that teens can take to steer them toward the best career choice
  • Problems parents face when teens are looking at college
  • How coaching can help teens when choosing their career choice & how college/career coaching involves parents
  • How to help your teens with life after high school
  • At what point should parents plant seeds to begin looking at colleges or career choice for their teens

Ways to connect with Laurie Genevish and to schedule a no-cost consultation: (link for the conversation is on the home page or click on contact)


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