Conflict Resolution Connecting With a Strong Willed, Angry Child

Join our owner, Helen Panos, as she continues our new season 6 podcasts by interviewing Allison Livingston, owner of Five Steps to Connect.   Allison focuses on strong-willed children, anger and understanding temperament in order to connect with your child.  Listen as Helen and discuss the sometimes difficult process of connecting with your child.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What was Allison’s journey to get to where she is today
  • How is validation important
  • Why it is important for the parent to NOT be triggered by the child
  • The three best ways to get your child to release emotional energy
  • How a hurting puppy becomes a snarling wolf
  • If wild, dance parties are helpful
  • Allison’s guarantee to parents
  • What parents say is their biggest struggle

To find out more about Allison and her company, follow her on Facebook or on her company Facebook page.    Allison is offering a free download gift to parents on and is also offering a free 20-minute consultation.

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