Diving Into Your ADHD Kid’s Brain

Tyler Dorsey is an ADHD life coach and the owner of Focus Forward where she helps people of all ages with ADHD develop a personal game plan to take control of their lives and thrive.  Tyler was diagnosed with ADHD in 5th grade but didn’t learn how to manage it until she was almost 20 years old.  After much research, talking to experts, and trial and error, Tyler created a system that cuts through the noise and helps those with ADHD achieve success.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • The most important thing parents can do to help kids with ADHD
  • Ways to build confidence in kids with ADHD
  • How diet affects kids with ADHD
  • Strategies to help kids with ADHD navigate their daily lives
  • The role medication plays in an ADHD diagnosis
  • Keys for supporting kids with ADHD at home and school

Tyler can be reached at www.focusforwardadhd.com and on Facebook at Focus Forward ADHD Success Group.

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