Does your child’s nightly homework routine involve stress and frustration? Does your child struggle with productivity and focus while doing homework?

There are ways to improve and even eliminate the nightly homework battle. Oftentimes, parents just need the right tools and strategies to turn things around, and it begins with evaluating the needs of the child.

The first step to increasing productivity is to begin with an organized workspace. This will vary according to each child’s circumstances, and parents should assess the child’s needs to determine the most conducive environment for learning. The things that parents should consider when providing a workspace are location, a hard surface, and the appropriate positioning of materials like devices, writing tools, and so on.

Another great way that will help eliminate the nightly homework battle is to have your child set personal and academic goals at the beginning of each semester. This is a great way to help shape good habits and set the path for a child’s success.  The key, however, is to start them out when they are young and assist in setting age-appropriate goals. For example, children in elementary school can begin with setting one goal. For middle and high students, set at least three detailed goals, one of them can be a personal goal.

A tool that we use at Dynamis Learning Academy to help kids be more productive is the Smart Goal Planner that owner Helen Panos designed to help kids identify their goals, know how to approach them, and determine how to get them done. It was designed for kids of all ages.

It’s important that parents determine what is needed for their child to be successful and take action so that those issues don’t persist year after year. Helen is an expert at listening to parents and children in order to identify what the child needs to be successful, and she then connects families with a qualified tutor to help their child reach his potential and be successful in school.

Lastly, having a tutor work with your child on a consistent basis can eliminate the nightly homework battle. Sometimes children need additional support to be successful, and bringing a tutor onboard is a great way to begin to develop a plan of action that will incorporate accountability into your child’s life. Dynamis Learning Academy tutors can design a curriculum to get homework done in a short period of time, which will then begin to promote independence in your child.

Because kids see parents as the provider of their necessities, they may have difficulty when the parent is trying to be the keeper of their calendar and assignments.  A outside influencer, such as a tutor, can hold kids accountable to their goals, removing the parents from the situation. This results in the parents no longer battling with their children to complete their homework, and they can go back to enjoying a normal family life.  This is a very common scenario we see in many instances.

We, at Dynamis Learning Academy, are here to help your child with their academic needs.  On numerous occasions, we hear from parents and they say that their child needs someone that can support them other than the parent so that they are less anxious about completing their homework in a timely manner.  Contact owner, Helen Panos at or at 770-282-9931 to discuss your child’s immediate needs and anything that you have been noticing may have developed over the last few weeks or months.  Sometimes we wait to see if something will go away, however, many times an underlying issue is what is causing the problem.  Reach out to have a free consultation to help solve the problem quickly before it compounds.  There is usually a solution which will ease the stress and tension for the child and you.

Helen is an expert educator with over 25 years of years of experience. She believes in the importance of helping children reach their potential and become well-rounded, intelligent citizens with a positive influence and impact on society. She assists parents in accessing the best skills, strategies, tools, and resources to