Do you want to help your teen prepare for life after high school graduation but aren’t sure where to start?  Have you been looking for resources to help them plan and prepare for college and career, but are feeling overwhelmed?  Is your child struggling to decide whether to attend college or a technical school or to get a professional license instead?

Preparing for life after high school can be challenging for parents and teens.  It can be difficult for both kids and parents to determine the right path to successfully navigate this new chapter in life.  It takes a considerable amount of time and resources to figure out the best route to take.

Recently, I sat down with educational consultant and speaker Laurie Genevish of My Ideal College for another Dynamis Learning Academy Facebook Live to talk about ways that parents and teens can begin setting goals and planning for life after high school.  Laurie bring her expertise and knowledge to parents and students who are preparing for this exact stage in their life.  Drawing on her experience and extensive research on colleges, she helps students choose a major, college, career path, and internships that will be the best fit for them.

Setting goals is key for teens to stay motivated and resilient

Making a habit of setting goals is something that is crucial for kids and especially for teens.  It helps them create long-term vision and short-term motivation.  It also makes them become more resilient and push past temporary roadblocks and struggles.  When it comes to plans for life after high school, parents should begin talking to students about their options and plans as early as 9th grade.

Here’s a list of three goal-setting tips:

  • Develop goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound
  • Using a planner or worksheet such as my freeSMART Goal Planner Worksheet, will help map out short-term and long-term goals
  • Be sure to revisit goals regularly (daily or weekly) so teens are able to reach them in a timely manner

Planning makes transitioning from life after high school easier for teens

Beginning freshman year, parents should engage their kids in a conversation about what want to do after graduating high school.  Laurie suggests talking with kids using open-ended questions to find out as much information as possible about what the teen is thinking about doing after high school.  Start with finding out what their interests are and the kind of lifestyle they want to have in adulthood.  She encourages parents to be open to different ideas that the teen presents and to avoid dictating to kids which way they should go.

Here’s a list of three planning tips:

  • Help guide kids by asking the right questions and getting the correct resources and people around them to help with the planning process
  • Ask teens to envision their life in their 20s—their lifestyle, salary, work environment, etc., and then look at the types of careers that they would enjoy that align
  • Then, create a plan for the educational path that will get your teen where they want to be

Finally, the key to planning and goal-setting for life after high school is to get the conversation started early with your teen and get them thinking about what they want to do after high school graduation.  Have them envision the potential career path that they want to take and make a plan that will lead them in that direction.  This is where they will need an adult to assist.

If the teen is planning on attending college, Laurie recommends setting them up for success by having decide on a major so that they won’t be entering into their freshman year undecided.  This will position your teen to take advantage of a lot of opportunities like internships and networking opportunities that can positively affect their career path.

To discuss your teen’s future, while avoiding eye-rolls , read Laurie’s blog HERE!

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Helen is an expert educator with over 25 years of years of experience.  She believes in the importance of helping children reach their potential and become well-rounded, intelligent citizens with a positive influence and impact on society. Helen assists parents in accessing the best skills, strategies, tools, and resources to help children be successful and ultimately excel in the world.