Goal Setting for Children at a Young Age and Beyond

Helen Panos is an educator of 25+ years in a public school system.  She holds several degrees from a BBA in Business Administration to a Master’s in Education to an Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision.  She also holds a certification in Gifted Middle Grades Language Arts and Social Studies.  Helen has several years of experience with curriculum design, gifted testing and managing Section 504 plans just to name a few.  Helen began her K-12 nationwide tutoring business, Dynamis Learning Academy, 5 years ago to help children reach their potential.  She listens to what a parent needs and matches them to the right type of tutor.  The tutor then customizes a program that will motivate and move the child forward in their academics with ease.

On this episode of Achieving Your Child’s Potential Podcast, you will hear:

  • Importance of setting goals for all K-12 students
  • SMART – What this acronym means and examples of each letter
  • How to help kids choose goals
  • Common ideas for plans of action
  • Setting personal and academic goals for kids
  • A free tool to help kids set their goals (steps to reach goals, obstacles, solutions, etc.)
  • Examples of possible rewards attached to goals

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