Atlanta Tutoring Services

Is your child involved in sports after school such as basketball, baseball, soccer, swim or volleyball? Is your child involved in dance, cheer leading, karate or ice skating practices after school ends? Lastly, is your child struggling with getting their homework done because they are so involved in after-school activities and they lack the time needed to get it accomplished? Believe me, you are not alone! Many parents have children involved in after-school activities and many times they do not get home before 8pm.

As we are all aware, many times the rules for these teams state that if you do not keep your academics high, you can be removed from the team. This alone adds anxiety to a child’s already full plate. At first sign, teachers believe that children are just being lazy; however, we all know the truth lies in the fact that children are just plain tired from a long day of learning and then an added couple of hours of physical activity to end the day till the evening hours.

We, at Dynamis Learning Academy, are able to help you solve this struggle with your child. We offer group tutoring after school at a mutually convenient location, possibly the school itself, so that children can get a jump start on their academics, finish their homework before practice gets underway, and then get home satisfied that their assignments for the next day are ready to be turned in for a grade. The rest of the night allows your child to relax and have some downtime before getting ready for bed. We look forward to hearing from you, so that we can develop a plan of action to help your child and his friends reach their goal of homework for the night or week.