Curious about Halloween and how it’s celebrated around the world?

Since Halloween is a popular holiday for kids and adults alike, I thought we would visit its meaning right before 10/31 is upon us. Did you know Halloween is the oldest holiday in the world and is still celebrated today in many parts of the world? If you wonder where the costume ideas came from, it was from ancient festivals and religious rituals. The traditions included costume parties and pranks and games similar to the way the traditions are carried on today.

In many Spanish-speaking countries, especially Mexico, the celebration is observed over 3 days and is tied to the All Souls’ Day. Ireland is the origination of Halloween; thus children can be seen in costume and spending time “trick or treating”. Parties were also a popular tradition for the adults just as they are seen today. In most cases, the Irish like to play card games during this holiday.

In Europe, France does not celebrate Halloween, yet Germans put away their knives as part of tradition from Halloween years ago. This shows that the spirits are not harmed when they return. In Greece, Halloween is not really celebrated. Greeks tend to celebrate Apokries. This is when adults and children dress up in a costume similar to Halloween except that this is celebrated in early February typically before Lent. Apokries involves a 3-week celebration! Fun for all……

Now some reminiscing of my childhood years…..Halloween has always been a favorite of mine mainly because of when I was growing up in the South, we would compete with the other kids in the neighborhood to see how much candy we could get. This made for a great competition! I remember back to my elementary years when we would carry bags and bags of candy and chocolate home, so my mother could look through it. We would then sit on our living room floor and barter with my siblings for certain pieces in order to get our favorites. Eventually, we would start to indulge in all the goodies! I also remember the children in the neighborhood being creative and making their own costumes. It was always interesting to see what our friends would come up with in terms of costuming. Halloween.

Those were definitely the good ‘ole days of celebrating Halloween. In today’s environment, children attend neighborhood parties, trick or treat in retail malls or go to people’s homes they are familiar with. Even with COVID-19, it has rarely altered from its original state. I understand more and more parents/children are being creative on how they will observe the holiday this year. Here is wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday for those of you that observe the ever so popular Halloween!