Helping Your Children Obtain a More Fulfilled Life

Nurtured Intuition = Independent Kids


Elly Molina is an international advisor to public figures, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.  She is the creator of the Psi-Kids Academy, a program that helps children and their parents unlock a child’s natural mind power and potential.  Elly hosts the weekly live podcast “Ask Elly” where she answers questions and shares her wisdom.  She is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “Children Who Know How to Know,” and she is currently working on a science fiction novel.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Tips to help kids learn to live a more fulfilled life
  • Ways to empower children to become independent
  • Techniques to help kids take initiative
  • The role of self-awareness in parenting and how to develop it
  • Strategies to nurture kids’ intuition
  • Steps that parents and educators can take so that children will hear them

Elly can be reached at  Find her on Facebook at ellyjm, on Instagram @ellymolina1, and on YouTube at PsikidsAcademyAMagicalPlaceforKidsAdults.  Go to to sign-up for the FREE 16-page brochure “The 6 Ways to Help Your Child Tap Their Inner Magic.”