Helping Your High Schooler be Successful in Math

Join our owner, Helen Panos, as she completes our season 6 podcasts by interviewing Marithza Rendon about how you can help your high schooler  be successful in Math.  Marithza is one of our own Dynamis Learning Academy tutors who is also a high school math teacher in Pennsylvania.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The journey Marithza went on to become a teacher
  • What levels of math Marithza teaches
  • What Marithza’s strengths are as a tutor
  • What weaknesses are evident in math students today
  • Why it is important to write down all the steps and not do it in your head
  • If Marithza thinks virtual learning works
  • How graphic organizers in Geometry are important
  • Why practice, practice, practice, is important in math

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