Holistic Approaches to Managing ADHD

Krystal Stockdale, owner of Found in Thought Coaching Services, is an Executive Function/ADHD, Academic, Career, and Life Coach.  After 15+ years of business management/HR experience, she became a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the University of Georgia Center of Continuing Education. She adheres to the Core Competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Krystal works with parents of kids with ADHD, high school students, college students, and beyond. Having ADHD herself allows her to deeply understand her clients’ challenges, fostering a strong rapport that can be beneficial for achieving their goals.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Holistic approaches to managing ADHD
  • How nutrition correlates with ADHD and what parents can do about it
  • Tips for mitigating the meltdowns
  • Why sleeping is so hard for kids with ADHD and advice on how parents can help them

You can reach Krystal at krystal@lizard2wizard.com and visit her website at https://foundinthought.net/. You can also find her social media channels using her Linktr.ee- https://linktr.ee/adhdcoachkrystal. She is offering a FREE 30-minute consultation where you can get all of your questions answered and walk away with at least 2 solid takeaways. Go to foundinthought.net to access more information. NOTE:  A diagnosis is not required to benefit from Krystal’s services.

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