Many studies show that parental involvement is more important to a child’s school success than family income or the level of education the parents have. That’s a pretty big statement, don’t you think? Let’s say that again. Parents’ actions pertaining to their children’s education has a larger effect than how much money they make or how much education they, themselves, have attained. So, the more involved the parents, the more successful the student. Wow! I never thought of it in quite these terms before, but it makes sense. I’m asking myself now, what can I be doing that is so impactful? Let’s find out together.

One of the first things you can do is to support your child academically. Ways to do this include finding out how your child is doing by keeping in touch with his/her teachers on a regular basis. Nowadays there are many ways to stay in contact, whether it be by phone, text, email, Google Classroom or school website. Ask the teacher what you can do at home to help. They will often have ideas you may not have thought of yourself. Based on these conversations, apply for special services if you think your child may need them. Schools can provide some special accommodations when needed if your child has a mental or physical disability such as ADHD, ADD or Anxiety. These medical diagnoses usually fall under what is called a 504 plan.

Another area where you can help pertains to becoming more involved with the school. Read the information the school sends home. If necessary, you can request this information be translated and sent home in your native language. Volunteer to be a classroom parent helper or to chaperone special events like dances and field trips. You can also join the school’s parent/teacher organization. This will provide you with more insight and give you a voice pertaining to the inner workings of the school.

One more impact you can make concerns homework and tests. Discuss with your child the importance of homework. Set aside a special time and place each day where homework can be completed. You can supervise this yourself or seek outside help, either through the schools themselves or privately. Many teachers offer their own tutoring sessions once a week; however, if you need more support, an outside tutor may be what your child needs.

As today’s new curriculum can be confusing, please know you have outside resources to help. Here at Dynamis Learning Academy, we are committed to helping your children succeed. Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in both curriculum content and test taking strategies. Getting help when necessary is one of the best ways you, as a parent, can advocate for your child’s education. Reach out to us, so we can help your child reach their potential and be highly successful.