“There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
-Colin Powell

Is your child gearing-up to take the ACT or SAT?  Does he or she struggle with completing it in time?  Has your child taken the tests already and is looking to improve their score?  Are they unsure of which one to take?

Going into a testing environment like the ACT or SAT can bring some level of anxiety in most students.  But, when a student goes in unprepared, it compounds those effects.  It is to the student’s advantage to know what to expect, to know the type of questions that will be asked, and the time constraints they will have.  Preparing for the ACT and SAT not only involves mastery of content, but it also requires test-taking strategy including time management skills.  Because of this, The Princeton Review suggests scheduling the first test three to six months out from when you submit the scores and the second test a month after that.

Even the most organized students can encounter anxiety when taking the ACT or SAT.  Waiting until the last minute and trying to cram is not only ineffective, but it doesn’t address gaps in a student’s skillset like grammar, writing, and mathematical problem-solving.  Our best advice is to make an appointment with Dynamis Learning Academy to make a plan to prepare for the ACT or SAT.  We will assess the child to see if there are gaps in their learning, and we will work with them on strategies that we have developed specifically for taking the ACT or SAT.  We can also help the student determine which test is best for them to take, the ACT or SAT.

Here are some things that students should be prepared for when they sit for the ACT or SAT:

  • The English skills that are repeatedly tested
  • How to pace themselves according to the time allotted for each test
  • Common pitfalls students encounter on the tests
  • How to write a five-part essay in response to a test prompt

It is also beneficial for the student to take the test more than once, according to US News and World Report.  Once a student sits for the ACT or SAT, they often discover that they struggle with managing their time during the test.  That’s why having a tutor work with them on test-taking strategies is key.

We’d like to share with you a story about a student who came to us a couple of years ago and who was a junior in high school.  She suffered from test-taking anxiety and had taken the ACT wanting to raise her score.  Because of her anxiety, she struggled with managing her time during the test.  In addition, she had not had any tutoring preparation going into the test, thus she had not learned the strategies needed to complete the test items in the time allotted.  After one of our tutors worked with this student for several weeks, she raised her score significantly.  In addition, her anxiety subsided and her confidence grew with regards to test-taking.

Preparing to take the ACT or SAT requires planning and acquiring skills and strategies that will reduce frustration and anxiety.  By bringing a tutor on board to help your child with this process, it will give them confidence and the skills they will need to successfully navigate the test-taking process.

We, at Dynamis Learning Academy, are here to help your children with their academic needs including helping them learn to write in cursive and improve their handwriting.  Contact owner Helen Panos at helen@dynamislearningacademy.com or at 770-282-9931 to schedule a free consultation about the SAT/ACT Prep or any other area of concern.

Helen is an expert educator with over 25 years of years of experience.  She believes in the importance of helping children reach their potential and become well-rounded, intelligent citizens with a positive influence and impact on society. She assists parents in accessing the best skills, strategies, tools, and resources to help children be successful and ultimately excel in the world.