How Diet Plays a Huge Part in a Child’s Success in School

For over 9 years, Janice Marto has been supporting women and their families who want to set their life on a better path to health with holistic nutrition and wellness counseling.  She is passionate about her work which is dedicated to healing clients through solutions to digestive issues, thyroid health, losing weight, balancing hormones, eating healthier, maintaining a balanced mood, increasing energy levels, and living a healthy lifestyle.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students you will hear:

  • The connection between diet and children’s behavior
  • Which foods can boost a child’s mood
  • The link between sugar and hyperactivity
  • Ways to involve kids in meal and snack preparation
  • How to choose the best quality meat and fish in the supermarket
  • Strategies to help kids transition to a healthier diet

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