How to Approach Tutoring with Your Stepkids

Anna de Acosta is a trauma-informed intuitive guide, life coach, and certified EFT practitioner for women who take care of others. Through group programs and one one-on-one coaching, she empowers women to reconnect to their inner guidance in order to navigate life with flow and purpose. As a mom and stepmom to five kids (from toddlers to teenagers), her determination to avoid passing inter-generational and societal traumas to her children inspired her to embark on a personal development journey for the past 20+ years that she now shares with her audience.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • How to advocate for tutoring for your kids as a stepparent
  • Useful tips on how to get professional tutoring support
  • Advice on being a stepparent who wants the best for her kids but the parents aren’t on board
  • How to navigate being on the outside as a stepparent and wanting to help your kids succeed

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