How to Build a Success Mindset in Your Kids and Make a Great School Year So Much Easier

Aviva Black is a former middle school and high school teacher/administrator and yoga teacher.  She has coupled her love of teaching, learning, and reflection with a desire to create deep, lasting connections, especially between the generations with families.  Her company Family Love Letters works with families to discover, share, and preserve stories to synthesize the conversations into a letter to be shared among family.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • How the definition of success changes over time and as we age
  • The things parents can do to build a child’s confidence
  • Keys to determine what a child needs to fulfill their potential
  • The significance of allowing kids to take risks
  • Ways to focus on the uniqueness of each child to help them succeed
  • Strategies for successful parenting

Aviva can be reached at  Go there to learn more and receive a free gift.