How to Get Support for Families Raising Children with Special Needs

Stacy Georges supports parents raising children with special needs.  She has built a business providing special needs childcare for 13 years and has formed a nonprofit called Special Needs Respite.  It is an organization that supports parents of special needs children in providing funding for childcare.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • How to know if your child needs special education services
  • Strategies for accessing special education services for children
  • What to expect if a child is being evaluated for special education services
  • The ways respite services can help families of children with special needs
  • Tips on how to advocate for children needing special education services
  • The importance of supporting families of children with special needs

Stacy can be reached at and  Find her on Facebook at Special Needs Respite Inc. and on Instagram at @specialneedsrespite.   Join Stacy in supporting weary parents of special needs children by volunteering your talents at Special Needs Respite and by sharing its mission with your business associates.