How to Make Sure Your Children Are Performing at School as Parents Navigate the Divorce Process

Dr. Susan Korb Bernstein is an experienced school teacher, administrator, college professor, and educational consultant, and a mother of three children—one of whom has severe special needs.  She assists families in getting through the divorce process as smoothly as possible while keeping children’s best interest at the forefront.  In 2014, Susan transitioned from being an educational consultant specializing in helping families with special needs children to divorce consultant.  She went on to become a Certified Divorce Coach and helped start the Special Needs Divorce chapter for the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP).  Susan is a leader for Vesta Divorce and teacher of coaches in a graduate mastermind.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Ways to support children whose parents are going through a divorce
  • The questions to ask children that help them open-up and express their emotions
  • Tips for creating strong communication systems for families going through divorce
  • Steps parents can take pre-divorce to help their children survive divorce
  • The types of resources available to help children and parents going through divorce
  • Co-parenting strategies to support kids post-divorce

Susan can be reached at and Find her on Facebook at Susan Korb Bernstein and on Instagram at @divorce_coach_plus.  Go to or text Susan at 551-444-2609 to sign-up for a free consultation call.  Be sure to mention this show and receive 10% off the first package of three or ten sessions.