How to Raise a Child in Todays World

Join our owner, Helen Panos, as she continues our new season 6 podcasts by interviewing John Rosemond, founder and director of The Leadership Parenting Institute.  Listen as Helen and John discuss how to raise a child in today’s world, and how it may be different from what you hear from other psychologists today.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What was the journey John took to get to where he is today
  • When John started writing his newspaper column that is still ongoing today
  • Why John doesn’t believe in psychology even though he is a licensed psychologist
  • Why children don’t need therapy but need parents who know what they are doing
  • The biggest mistake parents are making today
  • The secret to success in schools is appropriate student behavior
  • Mental health in children in the 1950’s versus mental health in children today
  • Why John believes psychological constructs are a scam

For more information on John, his beliefs, his books, and the services he provides, visit his websites at and (membership fee site).  You may also find John on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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