How to Raise Financially Successful Kids

Christina Rosenberg is the co-founder and CEO of Kid Millionaire where the company provides the real support needed to engage kids and reveal the unlimited opportunity they possess when they leverage the talents that lie within to completely transform their trajectory in their life.  Within every kid lies an untapped capacity for greatness waiting to be engaged.  Kid Millionaire was expressly designed to help kids activate their dormant abilities, resulting in better grades, better behavior, and greater success across the board by showing them how to step into the high-performer version of themselves that they are meant to be.  No longer are kids told about some abstract potential.  Working with Kid Millionaire, they now possess unequivocal evidence of their ability in the form of a real cash-flowing, profitable business of their own creation….and this is just the beginning of their journey.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • The key to safeguarding kids’ financial success
  • How to help kids be the “whole package”
  • Why kids need book smarts and street smarts to be successful
  • What is the greatest asset that kids have on their side
  • Ways to help kids build habits that will bring them financial success
  • Strategies that support kids’ growth

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