Implementing a Child’s Gratitude Practice

Vismaya Rubin is a mental health advocate, founder of Living in GRATITUDE Today, and the #1 GRATITUDE Gangsta!  Vismaya shows people how to manage emotions, challenge negative thought patterns, and improve relationships by Living in GRATITUDE Today. Vismaya’s approach to practicing gratitude is original, edgy, direct, and energizing.  For twenty years, she taught inner-city high schoolers how to tap into their inner GRATITUDE GANSTA and appreciate life, regardless of their circumstances. Now, Vismaya shares these tools with overwhelmed and overworked people who are ready to reclaim their happiness.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Ways to help kids find gratitude in the middle of crisis
  • Why it’s important for families to practice gratitude
  • Tips for raising kids with gratitude and kindness
  • Strategies to develop a habit of gratitude in kids
  • How having gratitude leads to success

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