Mom Entrepreneurs Striking A Balance Between Work and Family Time

Raquel Muller is the owner of Joyful Imperfection Counseling.  She is a psychologist, coach, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two.  Dr. Raquel knows first-hand how self-criticism, guilt, self-doubt, perfectionism and insufficient support can cause entrepreneurial moms to experience a disproportionate amount of overwhelm and stress, sometimes leading them to put their dreams on the shelf.  After struggling with these issues herself, Dr. Raquel now uses the skills she learned through her psychology training to help mompreneurs grow their business and have an impact in a way that feels balanced, joyful and fulfilling without overwhelm or guilt.  

On this episode of Achieving Your Child’s Potential Podcast, you will hear:

  • Support of moms who embark on a journey of entrepreneurship while raising a family
  • The myth of Supermom/Superwoman
  • Strategies to help create more balance in life
  • Skills around managing stress/productivity strategies
  • Teaching Life Skills to Kids
  • 15 minute morning routine

Dr. Raquel has a course called “From Chaos to Calm in 6 Weeks”.  This can be found on her website,

If you would like a free gift, “Easy 15-minute Morning Routine for Busy Moms”, go to

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