Neurofeedback and the Benefits for Children with ADHD, Anxiety and other Disorders

Dr. Candace Holmes helps children and adults eliminate the symptoms of ADHD without drugs or medications using a therapy that has been around for over 40 years.  It is non-invasive, drug-free, with results that can last up to 30 years!  Listen to the podcast to find out more about Neurofeedback.

On this episode of Achieving Your Child’s Potential Podcast, you will hear:

  • What Neurofeedback is and how it works
  • Benefits of this therapy and how it can help people with ADHD, Anxiety or other Disorders
  • How this therapy can help kids get peak brain performance when they are about to take high stakes tests
  • Brain Mapping and what this entails
  • In-person vs the take-home machine
  • How everything starts with the brain
  • How Neurofeedback can help with sports injuries

Dr. Holmes’ website is

She can be reached by texting the word FOCUS to 21000 to retrieve her business card and schedule a complimentary assessment consultation.