One Hope For Kidz

Partnering with One Hope for Kids = Technology for Kids’ Education

 Narrative:  Elizabeth Peters is the founder of One Hope for Kidz, an organization whose goal is to ensure that every child has access to technology.  They believe in changing the lives of youth by empowering and provisioning them with technological access.  One Hope for Kidz is a diverse group of people who believe that doing life together isn’t just a suggestion, but a necessity, as they inspire and educate the youth.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Why it’s important to encourage girls to pursue a career in technology
  • How donated technology items can impact the lives of kids in other parts of the world
  • Ways to partner with One Hope for Kidz to support the education of needy children
  • What technology resources kids in other countries need and how to help
  • The significance of kids setting goals and writing them down
  • The unwanted technology items that can be donated to benefit children in need

Elizabeth can be reached at 615-689-3242 and at  Visit her website at  Find her on Facebook at onehopeforkidz and on Instagram at @onehopeforkidz and @elizabethpeters2008.  To learn more go to