Organizing For Better Grades in School

Organized Students = Better Grades

 Narrative:  Tracy Hoth has been a professional organizer and a certified life coach for 13 years, and she has helped hundreds of families get organized.  In her one-on-one coaching programs and her Organized Life Academy, she is witnessing “the magic” as she helps her clients combine practical organizing skills with transformational mindset tools to create the organized life (and home!) that they always wanted.

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Types of organizational systems that help students get better grades
  • The mindset that promotes organization in kids
  • Keys to help kids stick to their organizational system
  • Ways to keep paper organized
  • Simple habits that help students get assignments turned in on time
  • Tips for using digital organizational tools

Tracy can be reached at and at  Find her on Facebook at SimplySquaredAway and on Instagram @tracyhoth.  Go to and receive Tracy’s free planning worksheet.