College admissions tests have a lot of critics. Many argue they don’t accurately test knowledge or even IQ. Additionally, it is often argued that they have not been proven as a good measure of a student’s success in either high school or college. So, what is the point in studying for and taking them? In short, they are required and utilized as a major tool for determining admission status into all colleges and universities. The good news is, that even though there are many criticisms of the tests themselves, it is generally agreed that preparing for them is helpful and increases scores. These tests require a different skill set than is usually needed to succeed in school. So, there is cause to develop and review such needed skills.

Strategy is a key component in this new skill set. Students need to learn test taking strategies in order to be successful on tests such as the SAT and ACT. The old thinking that knowledge of content alone will propel a student to the top of the score list is just that, old thinking. While a certain amount of background knowledge is imperative to success, skills like pacing, the process of elimination and identifying question difficulty, etc. should be the main focus when preparing for these tests.

Often times, and especially where more ivy league schools are involved, a difference of 5 points can determine rejection or admission. Some say that test prep results in only minimal score gains, at best. But, like anything, the harder you work, the more you will gain. For example, increasing vocabulary, which is one focus of test prep, can result in a few more correct answers for your student. Even such minimal gains as these can make all the difference when applying to certain colleges. The competition for enrollment can be fierce.

Even more important than a score increase can be the lessons learned from working hard and preparing for something that is important. Firstly, when you feel prepared for something, it decreases your fear. There is a lot of pressure on students to perform for these and other tests. As a young adult, many of them lack the coping skills to deal with this pressure. If they know they have put the effort into the preparation, their stress level can be greatly reduced. Secondly, the lessons here can often be found in the journey, not the destination. Think about how many times the anticipation of something has been so great that the actual arrival of it has paled in comparison. The same can be true for the processes involved in preparing for the SAT/ACT tests.

So noSAT Prepw that we’ve discussed some of the practical and socio-emotional reasons to get your student into test prep, let’s talk about where to go and get this help. One option is a professional tutor. At Dynamis Learning Academy, we have tutors who are specifically qualified in SAT/ACT test prep. They have spent time coaching students on how to prepare for them, and are well versed in many of the nuances and techniques used. These classes are currently being offered in the Northlake Mall and Roswell/Johns Creek areas. Don’t delay! Check us out at the link above and help your student take the next step on the journey to the college campus of their choice.