Is it possible to juggle sports and academics and be successful in both? The answer is an astounding YES! What are the key factors to making that happen you may ask? That would be desire, time management and a strong work ethic. Is it worth it you may ask? Again, the answer is YES!

Playing a sport in school is a good idea because it gets you into action! It gives you a mental break with benefits. Since schoolwork can be daunting at times, being a part of a sports team can help you work out, wake up and be more in tune. In addition, when you do well academically speaking, you tend to be more focused when you are a part of a team. Academics typically helps you with logic and problem solving as well. If you do well in academics, this can substantially help you receive a scholarship in the sport you excel in.

Sports are a great benefit overall because it can improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When you play a sport, it helps you relieve stress as well as enjoy something you love to do. Although it demands your time, sports can help break the routine and help you feel balanced and less anxious. Academics tends to be the harder part and sports tends to be the outlet for stress.

When you commit to academics and a sport, you typically have less time for friends and parties. This is fine because these two things are of great importance to you. Friendships are important as well, but you can weave the time in for friends as you have some openings in your schedule. The priority should always be academics first, then sports if you find it’s a love of yours. Friends will understand and see you as ambitious and determined.

A key to balancing academics and sports is time management. There is really no room for procrastination when you have a busy schedule. Being proactive and managing your time is of the upmost importance. Take a look at your schedule and block out times you know you are in school and having sports practices or games. The time left is your time to study/do homework and then do what you would like with the remaining time. The best way to manage your time is to sit down on a Sunday night and look at your week ahead. Schedule everything you have going on with dates and times. A good tool to use is a planner or calendar. If you distribute your time efficiently, you may have leftover time for relaxing or going out.

When things start to feel overwhelming and you feel tired, do not give up! Remind yourself the benefits of balancing sports and academics and know it’s short-term. Keep a positive attitude and remember your hard work is going to pay off in many ways. Of course, enjoying what you do is essential. This is the reason you chose to do sports in the first place. It’s just a balancing act similar to life!