Atlanta Writing Tutoring

When writing a paper for school, below are some easy and helpful tips to organize your writing and to keep you on topic:

1. Develop a strong thesis statement in your introduction paragraph. This statement answers what your essay is trying to prove. To develop a strong thesis statement, you should be able to support it with evidence in the body of the essay. For example, “Playing sports is beneficial for humans as it allows them to stay fit, have comradely relationships, and learn valuable life lessons”.

2. Write an outline for your paper. Start by writing the numbers “1”, “2”, and “3” for each topic sentence for your paragraphs in your outline. The topic sentences should be answering why your thesis is true. For example, 1. Playing sports helps people stay in good physical condition through exercise.

In your outline under your body paragraph topic sentences, you will organize your general ideas of details to support the topic sentences. Bullet points or other designating symbols are a good option to use for this reason.

1. When elaborating on your topic sentences in your body paragraphs, make sure you stay clear and concise but also descriptive when needed.

2. Have a strong conclusion that recaps your thesis and ends uniquely to your writing style.

A tutor who is a Language Arts certified teacher can definitely help your child with organizing their thoughts in writing and helping him stay on topic. Dynamis Learning Academy has many tutors such as this willing to step in and assist your child. Contact us by completing a submission form on the website at Dynamis Learning Academy. This will help us identify your child’s need.