The Importance of Essential Oils for Children

Katherine Ladikos is an Independent Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.  She began her journey with this company in order to help her 2 young boys obtain better health by using natural solutions.  She was in awe of these amazing “gifts of the earth” and couldn’t stop sharing her excitement.  Her search for solutions has become her passion and pleasure to educate others, especially parents, about these life-changing products.  Her goal is to change people’s lives one drop, one person, one community at a time.

On this episode of Achieving Your Child’s Potential Podcast, you will hear:

  • What essential oils are and their side benefits vs side effects
  • What types of behaviors can potentially be reduced from these oils
  • What parents need to know about getting started with essential oils/kids collection
  • Similarities/Differences of essential oils vs medicine
  • Most effective way to use oils for attention challenges
  • Safety tips when using the oils
  • Importance of supplementation with vitamins
  • The quality of essential oils

Ways to connect with Katherine Ladikos and have a conversation: