If you’re a parent, chances are it’s crossed your mind to get outside help for your child’s education. Whether you’re a home school parent, have kids with special needs, or just think today’s common core curriculum is a bit too advanced, the idea of adding extra support for your child has surfaced at some point in time. So, why do you hesitate? Is it the expense? Or perhaps you don’t want your child to feel like they need extra help, to feel different from their peers. Understandably, these are very real concerns.

But, did you know that recent studies have proven that the benefits of tutoring far outweigh any drawbacks? For example, a new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience examined children with specific math anxieties, determining that tutoring can positively change some brain functions and alleviate math anxiety while altering the actual fear circuits in the brain. It is further estimated that between 17-30% of elementary aged children have some type of math anxiety. That’s a lot of children that can be helped by a one-on-one tutoring relationship.

Additionally, think about today’s school overcrowding situation. Classrooms are getting larger and larger, negatively increasing the teacher Tutoring to student ratio. This means that there is still usually only one teacher for a classroom of 30+ kids in elementary school. This is a severe detriment as it limits the teacher’s ability to provide individual instruction and to fully explain concepts or answer questions. Building a child’s learning foundation in these early years is crucial to them grasping the more complicated ideas later on. Typically, our public school systems cannot intervene for struggling students until they are a full two years behind. Tutoring can support this vital learning foundation and again intervene in later years when concepts become more difficult.

Finally, tutoring can increase your child’s confidence as it involves building a personal relationship between the student and his/her tutor. Students and their tutors work together in close proximity, constantly developing that essential one-on-one connection. Tutoring gives your child the time and atmosphere to promote a positive questioning environment as well. Tutored students are typically not as embarrassed when they don’t fully understand a concept and therefore are more apt to ask questions. In the same sense, tutoring can increase children’s feelings of self-worth and esteem as it strengthens their skills.

So, if you’ve thought about the possibilities of hiring a tutor for your child, we urge you to look into it further. You may be surprised to find that the cost is not as high as you may have estimated. Also, you will want to look into the convenience factor. As there are many different types of tutors for a variety of ages, from kindergarten to college, be sure you find one that fits into your time and budget. Here, at Dynamis Learning Academy, we offer a range of caring, highly qualified and certified tutors. We work to individualize a program that will help your child succeed based on his/her need and make it easier for you by finding a date/time that is convenient for your schedule. In fact, we come to you or a place mutually convenient! We promise to work with you in every capacity in order to ensure that your child meets their true potential.