The Problems and Dangers of Social Media for Kids

Bernadette Barone Pannier is the CEO of Barone Pannier Consulting. She is a sales leader, speaker, and social media expert, and has secured millions of dollars in revenue for fortune 500 companies over her almost 20-year career.  Bernadette has won the Presidents Club award three years in a row.  She is certified as a Sales Force and HubSpot administrator and is an expert with social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

Bernadette believes that with the proper use of social media platforms, people can and will build a new pipeline of new clients quickly.  Her years of experience and education provides clients with new processes and procedures that increase revenue and build baseline recurring income.  Bernadette believes in true lead generation to build new revenue in a business.

On this episode of Achieving Your Child’s Potential Podcast, you will hear:

  • The way kids mimic parents’ online behavior
  • What are online “breadcrumbs” and how they can affect a child’s future
  • Ways to guard a child’s online presence
  • The things employers look for when researching job applicants online
  • How social media likes and tweets can adversely affect a child’s future
  • The ideal video background a teen can use for college or job interviews

Bernadette can be reached at and To book time to talk more about your brand, messaging, and content creation, go to