Tips for Overwhelmed Kids and Adults

Irina Shehovsov is a single parent, entrepreneur, and author who’s on a mission to help women feel empowered, healthy and to have a renowned sense for life that uplifts them to go after their dreams. Irina believes that we are multidimensional beings; therefore, she combines four states of being in her approach:  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. She supports single parents in becoming better versions of themselves by sharing powerful stories on her podcast “Single Parent Success Stories.”

On this episode of Smart Parents Successful Students, you will hear:

  • Strategies to help kids when they’re feeling overwhelmed
  • The importance of exercise, breath work, and nutrition in supporting kids’ mental health
  • Ways to incorporate the 80 percent principle into kids’ schedule
  • Tips to help kids express themselves and focus on their tasks
  • Keys for preparing a child before starting their daily schedule
  • How to communicate with kids and build their trust

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