Fall is a fan favorite season for many people and for good reason. As the season known for changing leaves, warm sweaters, hot cider and pumpkin pie, what’s not to love? As adults, fall signals in a time to cuddle up with loved ones, make delicious meals for sharing, and settle in for the coming winter. But what does fall mean for kids? This season is an exciting time for kids as well.  Below are four different reasons kids love the fall season.


For kids, fall means spending time with family. With fall and Thanksgiving breaks to kick off the season and winter break just around the corner, kids expect they will be spending a good amount of time at home. While they may act like they are mostly just looking forward to a break from school, this is also a great opportunity for families to bond.

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be the only time for you to connect with your kids this fall. Fall provides a bounty of family fun activities, from picking pumpkins to making fall inspired recipes. Georgia also has several fun fall festivals that the whole family can enjoy.

For fun events in the Atlanta area, click the link below:


Thinking of traveling outside the metro area? Check out festivals throughout Georgia here:


If you are on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin patch, the link below lists patches and corn mazes by county.



Fall is full of vivid colors, unique traditions, and opportunities for self-expression. We dress in a mix of layers, decorate our homes, and create delicious homemade recipes. Kids are also given lots of opportunities to express their creativity in the fall. There are pumpkins to paint or carve, spooky stories to tell, and of course, Halloween costumes to plan.

Many kids love Halloween for more than just the candy. This famous fall holiday is a time when kids can truly be kids. Through their costumes, they can be anyone they want to be as their imagination is the limit!

Halloween costumes are only a small part of what makes fall so fun for young minds. There are many ways to get your kids creating (and learning!) this fall. If your kid loves a good ghost story, research some family friendly tales and ask your kid to spin one of their own. If your child is more visual, there is an abundance of crafts to make, decorate and share.

If your kid needs help picking the perfect costume, check out the link below:


For fun craft ideas, check out this link:


You can find spooky stories the whole family can enjoy by clicking the following link:



What is one major component that makes both adults and kids love fall? The answer is simple: FOOD. Fall is known for Halloween candy, pumpkin flavored everything, and a smorgasbord of mouth-watering dishes on Thanksgiving. If your kid likes sweets, cinnamon or pumpkin, chances are they are excited about fall. But fall is about more than just good food; it’s also about good food coming from the heart.

Fall is about family recipes and food made with love. For kids, fall is about getting treats from their friendly neighbors for Halloween. It’s about smelling pumpkin and cinnamon in the air. They spend all Thanksgiving Day waiting for dinnertime. These moments are about more than just food, they are about spending time with friends and family.

Check out the following link for some fall recipes sure to please kids and adults alike:



Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who like to wind down a little as temperatures start to drop. For kids, fall is when they have started to settle into the school year. The initial stress of August has subsided, and they have adjusted to their new classes, teachers and schedules. This makes it easier for them to relax a little and enjoy the last remaining warm afternoons.

As the sun starts to set earlier and the days get chillier, your child might start to retreat inside. These evenings are great for hot apple cider, cozy blankets, and relaxed family fun. Break out the board games and good books.

Get inspired by these screen-free indoor activities:


Looking for board games everyone will like? Check the link below:


The main reason for fall is that it symbolizes change!  As you can see from above, many changes are experienced by children.  Sometimes, children need to adjust to the darkness that begins earlier in the evenings, transitions from elementary to middle and middle to high, or maybe school is a challenge for them versus the prior year.  No matter the changes children endure in the fall related to their academics, we are here to help in any way.  Contact Dynamis Learning Academy to schedule a free phone consultation so we can get your child on the right path to success.